Thursday, February 10, 2011

I was like “nag log-in , wala, nag log- in , wala… Ai!  nag LOG-IN lagi” hahah
Ug sa dihang ga echo ang "Tooottt.. Thank You!" sa akong mind -   All i remembered was, i logged-in at 7:25 or 7:29 during our first break and only to find out na wla di ko nag "LOG-IN" Worst is I marked it in my record na nag "IN" ko..and i defended myself pa ha..kakahiya!!! lol!

well, i have here the SNAPSHOTS from CCTV proving the ever increasing "Signs of Aging"

 Pictures taken from Sticky Media CCTV Camera
Me Logging- OUT using the BIOMETRICS


Me, logging- In "kuno"(as if)
This is me standing near the BIOMETRICS having "chika" with someone.

Ug sa dihang igo ra di ko ni labay while ga chika. Kaduha na ko n Shenana.. Shen, basin apil sd ko mg butang ug reminders - idikit na jd sa PC. hahaizz... Gamay ra mn hinoon ang consequence - "HALF DAY  SALARY DEDUCTION" ra mn hnoon uhuhuuhuhuhuh :(( mao na diha..

Well, lesson learned - "dili mag cge ug tabi" and "Memory Plus"

Thanks pud sa amo HR- (Ma'am Winnie and Ma'am Odette) and to my Manager (Ms Mhai Damasco) for the Concerns ^__^


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ahahaha and they really have pictures to prove it. wow, nahan lage q ana. ehehe. It's okay Lj. ehehe nalingaw q nimo. I thought im alone. weeeeee duha nata. ehehe try not to chika jd next time.

  2., hey sexy, don't forget to log-in/log-out,hehe.

  3. @tabulyogang:

    ur not alone sheen..basn kita duha ang mag compete sa change na daun akong title dli na daun 59er..heheh pg ask sa MIS dai if gsto ka, lingaw kau..hehehhe


    cge sis, i'll put it down sa ako sticky notes..heehhe

  4. hahaha.. murag sustagen premium na imong kelangan, ling, hehehe..

  5. sustagen premium jd? sakita sa akong hawak ug tuhod oi! hahhahaha


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