Real Ghost Captured

Sunday, May 29, 2011
Friday noon, my siblings make fun of taking pictures at home when we surprisingly captured a “strange creature”.   It was nothing at first but as we scanned through the other shots, we noticed that the creature was shockingly present. My siblings were stunned knowing who they with and I on the other hand, was in awe doubting of its existent.

 Until, we conclusively make out a “bride-like” creature wearing a vintage “traje de boda” (early 80’s, I guess).   

Here were some of the shots..

My siblings - Dondon and Darling

Take a closer look on this - WEIRD , isn't it?


  1. Anonymous said...:

    botbota lagi :)) hahaha. Hi ate ^^

  1. tabulyogang said...:

    hoi ka kulba ba keu! tinuod na? wew. graveha oi. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. tabulyogang said...:

    ang pinaka last nga pic kai niduol na jd xia! bayet!

  1. LJ said...:

    @tabulyogang: to-o ka sheen?nagpapansin ang ghost.. naa pa ko isumpay ana sheen na mas unbelievable..heheheh

  1. Anonymous said...:

    dli na tinuod.. nagasuot lng na ug wedding dress ng ungo-ungo.

  1. aZiaLg said...:

    ..tinuod ni or they were just having fun na mag take ug pic then naai balbal..hehehe

  1. LJ said...:

    Dili ni tinood oi, ako na manghud..

    You know na,gaining traffic(SEO?)hhehehe..

    Sorry guys :D

  1. Ahmela said...:

    hehe.lingaw ko nimu gurl..=)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    wahahaha.. bugu ang mutuo ani.. wahahaha

  1. LJ said...:

    @ahmela: thanks for dropping by gurl..nalingaw sd ko gurl..effective man di bsta i-post sa fb ky mo dghan jud ang visits.. heheh

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