Thursday, July 29, 2010

Have you ever felt as if you’re the last person standing on earth? Ever thought that you’re standing as if it’s not your own ground?  Have you felt unwelcome and out of the blue?
I have lots of friends (I thought) I had my office mates, comrades, and neighbors and belong in a community. I grew up surrounded with friends, can’t imagine a life without someone you can talk with – sharing the most nonsense chika, supporting even the craziest thing you do, cry with you, laugh with you and always there with you pulling out  a helping hand. BUT at this point…
I realize that there is only one person standing taller among the crowd and now, there is only one single and ugly truth...
I’ve got lots of friends, but few were real!
Everything is a sham! People make-believe that they were friends but at the end of the day you’ll gonna poured out headless! They were gone out of sight and they’ll gonna recognize you again if their needs crop up. There are friends who were very visible if you had the wealth, health, money and all but when this “all” vanished - they would also slowly move out!
I sense the lost of having real friends. Now, I’d currently exist, still with relatives, friends, officemates, neighbors, and community/organization but I don’t know where to turn to. Who to cry with, who to trust to! It sucks when after work you would just go home and sleep. Having an empty planner upsets me! It really sucks when the usual thing I do is sitting in d corner inducing my eventful life before.

I am standing in the midst of the crowd yet OUT OF THE BLUE!! 
I am in my own ground FEELING BLUE!

And now, I missed my old folks! I feel so right being with you guys, yet circumstances changed and the world’s demand is such an inescapable dub. I am aware that everything is uncertain thus the whole thing would come and go sooner or later.  I understand if you need to go and seek for greener pasture cause’ I know that I would also do the same thing you did! It’s just that “na una lng mo”. Being with you had somehow made me felt special and I’m so grateful that you’ve make me felt the belongingness that I wish I had nowadays. I wish to find real friends again – it might not be in a similar way before but in some way TRUE – and somehow REAL!!


  1. j.. love taka.. deep down in my heart jud.. i'm here for you.... kung dili man always.. atleast pwede txt di ba? kung ala lod.... chat........ basta i'm here if kinahangalan jud nimu.. maskin ako na ang pinaka last nga duolan nimu ok ra...

    love yow..

  2. @brokenvampire: hoi! ate rox!! OA ha! but thank you, anyway..luv u too :D

  3. Even our closest friend have their own life to deal that sometimes we are set aside. In single life, it is normal that you sometimes feel empty and blue but don't be sad just enjoy life, pamper yourself and widen your circle of friends and of course have a closer relationship with GOD :)

  4. @Mitch: Maaammm.. naulaw ko, hehehhe.. dugay na man ni na post, mam.. spur of the moment ra ni xa..gimingaw lang cguro ko sa ako old berks thats time but I'm ok now.. heheheh

    Thanks, Mam.. Mwaaahhh..:D


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