Friday, July 30, 2010


Being a servant of God is not simple and trouble-free; you surpass or may not a lot of enigmatical trials. Sometimes you take into custody and just realize that these mountains of hardship and adversity are just the stepping stones to God’s righteousness. It’s agreeable that following Him is a very toilsome thing to do. You go through injustices and tortures, it may not be physically but emotionally and even to the extent - people will turn their backs of you. Torments and persecutions also go after when you decide to give out in service to the people in the name of GOD. These things are common to this kind of people who unconditionally submit their selves to GOD. If you have the firmness and perseverance to follow God’s footstep, you should pertain the quality of humility, patience and potency to endure every single persecution that you may possibly meet along the way. You should have the gift of resilience to tolerate the excruciating pain, adversity and ultimately become pious. Victory comes after you surpass all the bitterness and hostility in life. Let HIM be your inspiration in order to stay alive – live to tell the tale to the humankind. And the most vital thing to do is to trust and unceasingly call upon HIS name for we can achieve nothing without HIM.


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