Sunday, August 22, 2010

“How’s your love life?"
” Are you happy?
"Are you satisfied?”
“Aren’t you envious being the only single among the barkada?”
“Don't you like to have one?”

Are some of the many questions i got from my colleagues upon knowing the ground I am standing in! 

“What? You’re Single?” “But Why??” " How could that be"

... Has always been the usual reaction from my friends upon hearing my answer about it. Isn't it disgusting?? I mean, what’s with being single, anyway?

Am I happy? Yes!! Yes, in a sense that I had a lot of ways to divert. I had loads of “to do” lists - I never mind being single and I never felt alone – I’d also perceive it in a positive ways Instead of thinking about “being in a relationship” and pressuring myself of having one.
Am I satisfied? Well, Yes!’ Cause I’m not rushing things out and I am confident that GOD would someday somehow finish my own LOVE STORY.

Being single doesn’t show that no one is courting you, appreciates or loved you. Of course! There are lots of guys out there who’s making move to have you; expressing their feelings and so on, but that’s not how it goes into the real world! ‘coz for me, BEING SINGLE – STAY SINGLE IS PURELY A DECISION. A personal decision that somehow I wish my friends would understand. My friends were so enthusiastic of finding someone for me, doing a match making just for me to have one. But those things were not pleasing enough for me cos no matter how much they exert an effort just for me to have someone to share romantic things, I’d still end up disliking the guy (except for friendship) – I’d still have a qualm about those things. 

BUT WHY???...

Ahhmmm… I don’ t know, actually! I could just feel it. Maybe its because I felt so tired of having a relationship na “away – bati” again and again. Saving a relationship for the Nth times, dealing with heartaches for several times. Well, I am not saying that I am giving up already! I never close my door for someone new, I am not shutting my eyes to look for someone and appreciate again and I definitely not concluding and closing my heart! I am still young and should not give up! THIS IS JUST FOR NOW! WHEN?? Well, I don’t know! Maybe I’d just gonna feel it. As of now, I could say that I am contented of what my life has going through and I am not rushing things out, I am not insecure and I am definitely very very well.

Other people perceived singleness as a MESS! They feel mad and barmy...

Does the expression "single and happy" sound like an oxymoron to you?
Does being single makes you feel mad?
Is it makes you uncomfortable and appalling?

Well, think again!! 

For all the singles out there, You need to realize it by your self some tips on how to enjoy life being single, you need to know what would really makes you happy (except being with someone romantically ). For you who doesn't have this realization yet, I'd like to share some of my TIPS and hopefully would somehow be helpful in one way or the other.

It’s all in your mind! Just wait for God’s time, feel gorgeous, stunning and striking!
Above all these: ENJOY LIFE :)


  1. Wow..I miss being single sis..hehe, very well said. Striking words kaau.weh..hehe..haizz. Samuk jud ning wafa ta kei dghan manguyab..haha!anyways,saun tman an man jud ato life..haha!di mu you sis.

  2. waaaa..hahahh.. mas nice ang feeling na dghan manguyab pro i-busted!!:))hehehhe..Anewaize, thanx sis!!


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