United Nation Assembly

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Mind- numbing and so irksome day at home, so I'm looking for something fun to do. To my dismay, I found nothing so interesting. With a choice no more, I stumble on my laptop again. I should have been out of this mode “internet, screens and all that” since its Sunday – “My eye’s rest day”.
 Anyway, look what I got – I trip up on pictures again and all of a sudden I felt like posting some of my old stuffs -- so I end up blogging. 
I set back on my earlier days in Sticky Media – all the events, lakwatsa and everything that came to pass. 
Lemme start with the first assembly that ever grace with my presence – The “UNITED NATIONS General Assembly”.  The assembly took place 1 O’clock in the afternoon at Pearlmont Inn, October ’09.
It was my batch’s first time so we were super excited… We even pay out a lot of money for this event (Costume, hair and make-up, transpo, etc). We went to the venue together (11 of us) with supeeeer vongga costume and a veeerry very  “grand entrance” – lingi gud tanan kay na "LATE" man.. heheheh

Ms Karen introduced us (the newbies)

With our CEO - Mr. Gus Rodano

With Ms Ryla Lim - GearySEO Supervisor

Candidates kunuhay mi ^_^

International Leader's discussion

Performing "Nobody, nobody but YOU"

We came late yet we do have a fun-filled day with SMSI ..  
Thanks for welcoming all of us to the SMSI Family!


  1. Sie said...:

    your costumes were so pretty and with happy smiles that made your day worth remembering :)

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