Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I woke up smiling thinking ‘bout this very special day. Well, it’s not because I had a romantic date – actually, I kept this day spontaneous – no plans, free and open of whatever may come; it would still be an ordinary day for me. YET, I thank GOD for all the goings-on that completed my day. I am so pleased and thankful to all the greetings and sweet thoughts (text messages, calls, emails, IMs)

Lemme start it with THANKING this people who are “to blame” hehehheh….

It started the day before (sunday) – texting with someone special for me; I was truly happy and inspired by the sweetness and everything. It looks as if I had a mobile date...saun ta man..hehhehe... You know who you are – Thank you for making me feel so special^^
To my family, Organizations (SFC and DMYAO) and to those who responded my greetings.
To the flower: You know who you are, thanks for the flowers! I appreciate it, I really really like flowers so much ^^
To my officemates: to Kenny, Janice, Sheena and Eva – Thanks for those cute little hearts and very touching messages ^^
Dai evs...Sakto jd ka dai! Halata ra di ko? Hheheheh... thank you for being there since pa kang “u know na” hehhehe..
Jan, fit kau sa ako imo message bah… thanks jan^^ hehhhe…
Ken thanks for being so nice to me kahit nasa outside world ako...hehhe... You are the friendliest manager I’ve known! And I so love your scent pud.. hehehheh
To KALPANA/ASIN aka Shenana..heheheh… Love you too dai! Mwah! Thanks for those heart-melting smiles^^ it’s making you more beautiful... :D
To my officemates and close friends(you know who you are) in SMSI: I could really sense the happiness and love that flash in everybody’s faces as I get in. thanks for making the office full of bliss and laughter.

and Celebrating  Heart's Day at MOONS CAFÉ

A gathering of LDR victims???? Hehehhhe…. (Not all, though) here are some shots at MOONS CAFE...

taken outside Mooon Cafe

"Pizza na Salad pa" Gardenia Pizza

  Shirley Temple - Super yummy!! can't get enough with this

 Blooming Kalpana

  My beautiful sis with Shirley temple

 Prettty Janice

Sis cha and kalpana

 Janice and me


 Taken at ketkai

Thank you so much guys! I enjoyed the day being with you.. mwaaaaahhhhh....

and most of all...

TO MY EVER LOVING GOD -  I wouldn't have all this if its not because of YOU. Thank You LORD for Thy unfathomable Love.


  1. ehehe makalingaw man ka LJ. thank you. Dli q LDR kai SDR(short distance lang) ehehe.

  2. i guess that makes lalet and me part of the "my officemates and close friends(you know who you are) in SMSI" category. tama? hehehe. bitaw, am glad you enjoyed your vday, ling. :)

  3. @tabulyogang: SDR jd? hahaha.. apir!!
    @=zhAri3= ofcourse ping.. apil na mo na.. kamo pa?!! hehheh..mwaaahugz..


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