I missed you, Baby

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whoa! Sheks! You're gone for a three weeks now! I missed you soooooooooo much! I missed the moment laying a hand on you, looking at you, patting you, touching you and everything! I just missed everything in you! I can’t do what I wanted to do co’s I haven’t got you - My world revolves around you and seems everything I needed could only be found in you. What should I do now?? It is so disgusting mending myself alone at home thinking if you were only there. I hate the memoirs when I’m in the office co’s everything reminds me of you. I tried to go and get you but they won’t let me have you back. They told me you haven’t pull in yet but should I believe in them? I’ve waited long enough for you – kanus-a pa man tika makuha?

“My happiness are put off “– Dli ko  ka Movie Marathon, Ka Blog, Ka FB, Ka tiwas ug work at home ug daghan pa..

Still repairing pa rin bah? I’m so worried about my files na..

Haaiiiiiizzz.. ACCENT MICRO – pls  lang, ASA NA AKONG LAPTOP???



  1. tabulyogang said...:

    ahaha abi nako ug unsa! -"touching you and everything! " weee scary im getting green. cute-cute?

  1. LJ said...:

    hahhaha.. kw jd dai.. takdan na sd ka sa ka "green" ni cute-cute..hahhah

  1. =zhAri3= said...:

    hahaha. i actually thought for a moment their that you're referring to a person.. imo lang man diay laptop, hehe.. what happened to it diay? didn't know that it's under repair..

  1. LJ said...:


    hehehehh.. naguba ang speaker man gud.. dli di halata?? hehehe

  1. Lalet said...:

    Ling,naa lingaw ko ani nga post..I was curious that I was tempt to read the stories..c baby lappy man d ai..hahhaa

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