Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh I can’t believe I’m making this blog cos it’s been 2 months now since I watched this movie but I just can’t help myself – I need to share it,  else it would keep on hounding my mind.

This is another film adaptation of the popular romance novel with the same name by (my favorite) NICHOLAS SPARKS. The film stars Richard Gere(Paul) and Diane Lane (Adrienne) .
Here’s a glimpse

Nights in Rodanthe tells the tale of a doctor (Richard Gere), who arrives at the inn with his own emotional baggage - enters into a passionate affair with an unhappy wife (Diane Lane) who is also having a break to a friend’s bed-and-breakfast for the weekend. The house is rustic, so romantic and right on the beach. They dine together, share stories and eventually turn to each other for emotional comfort. Being the only guest, the two team up to protect the inn When a storm hits them.
-  AND that is how it all started.

When their break ends, the two give their word of coming back after resolving their own issues. But Adrienne ultimately is left all alone with her nearly unbearable grief knowing that he is not able to be with her again.

The Beach Side INN

You should not miss this movie; it has a full-grown manner that’s worth watching for and a paperback that you would surely enjoy. I’ll buy one in time ^^

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  1. Though the plot is not catchy but I the love story is so tragic. That was so sad :(


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