Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Heart’s Day ^^

I know it’s a lil bit late yet I’d still wanted to share of what transpired on this very special day.
I was not expecting something from my lovey (Jc) at that moment cos I know that we both were so busy preparing for our trip to Bohol and aside from that our work were exhaustingly demands our time. Getting flowers from him at noon time was good enough for me since I so love flowers. But what surprises me was the occurrence in the afternoon. I was having my manicure session when he picked me up.

I wasn’t think of a special date especially when he arrived wearing his usual “laag” get up (shirt and shorts). I thought we will just have dinner and joy-riding like we usually did but it surprises me when we traveled distantly from the City and experienced an adventurous yet a very romantic date. 

We traveled far and enough for my mind to generate whys and where. Without a single word, He brought me to a place passed through a river and trailed along a perilous mountain road. Just try to imagine a very long, curvy, rocky road, very dark with the only light was the stars and the vehicle headlight that glows up your way, a road with the only things you’ve seen are giant trees, the only sound you’ve heard is the groan of unseen forest brute, noise of your vehicle and a heart that hastily palpitating.  I was terribly frightened at that moment and my mind had even formulated an off-putting thought about him (sorry for that). Duh!! … I never imagine wandering in a mountain just for a date considering the danger that lies ahead.

All the way through, I was just closing my eyes feeling the snaking road and often hearing him says “just hold on, trust me”. I never looked up until I’ve heard the engine stops.  With a troubled mind, I slowly opened up my eyes. And you know what? What I saw really took my breath away. It makes me shiver and gasping of the wonders that I saw, the fresh air that I breathe, the stillness, and the romantic milieu that slickly greets me. I couldn't say a word than "Wow",  I never imagine of such romantic resto located in the mountain peak with amazing views of mountain, sea and city lights overlooking the whole Cagayan de Oro, A fine dining resto with affordable and mouth-watering foods that would make you forget your diet. With these, I was overwhelmed of an incredible feeling that makes me forgot what we went through before we reach the peak. 

Here are some of our photos but I missed to take photos of food, good views, etc.

“Our relationship goes through a lot of trials and sacrifices even reach the point of giving up and I know that there still a lot more of it that waits ahead. Very dark, scary, risky and terrible but no matter what happened “just hold on and trust me” cos I know that at the end of the line, we’ll end up happy and victorious. Just like what we encountered and overcome before we reached the beauty of the mountain top”

And when you look back all the trials you endured in the past,
 it will such an incredible feeling to know that..

Nevertheless, Valentine’s Day means different things to different people,” Regardless of expenditure and uniqueness of how you celebrated heart’s day – what pays more is the thought and memories that you’ve shared with your loved one whether your partner, family, friends or to whom you with. That memory is very much treasured and would always will.  

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