Monday, November 28, 2011

Nov 20, 2011(Sunday) – For almost a year being with the SFC pips, it was my first time to bond together in a fellowship (they had couple of activities though). I was not supposed to join cos I was a lil depleted and thought of resting instead, but my DGL (Stela) shown up at home so I settled on and go along with them.

The Unit 1- SFC Nazareno’s fellowship took place at Tropical Pool, Bulua Cagayan de Oro City. We really had fun eating, playing, swimming together and most of all - the inexhaustible and never ending “picture taking” 

Here are some of the pics:

Unit 1 SFC - Nazareno Members

I dunno what we're playing but it's kinda like "recognizing positive traits" - by ems macas

 Oh! I dunno what we're looking at - "murag naay gwapo"

 The pool and the nymphs? :D

The Disney inspired Spot?

The nymphs getting out of their habitat? or tree models? Whatever!

I have a lot of photos to share but I'd still need to gather 'em from the cam's owner. 

To SFC: Thank you guys and I really enjoyed being with you! 

It was really worth my time :) Love you all ;)

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  1. Hi! It is my desire to join SFC. Would you mind if I ask how to join SFC in Nazareno-CDO?


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