Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saying Thank You is not enough to express how grateful I am right now.

After all that I’ve been through, I could finally say that I MOVED ON and GET OVER. After a quite long year, here I am again – facing life with so much gratefulness. I really missed this gratis feeling.  A life free from worries, fears and insecurities. Oh! I missed this thing! It’s been a long time since I incarcerated with pessimism and deprived myself from being happy! And now, I am totally FREE, HAPPY and CONTENTED!  It’s also been a long time that I haven’t felt the “kilig-kilig” moment. Hehhehe ^__^ Gosh! I was really having a hard time to do something for myself...

Well, I owe this to my friends and I could not thank GOD enough for giving me this kind of people. People who lifts me up and motivates me to smile and be beautiful. Char!! Mga tao nga wla gsumhan ug paminaw sa ako (basin gsumhan, dli lng gasaba :D)–-- Mga tao na akong gpamukaw pra hilakan --- Mga tao na nadamay nako.hehhehe..Maybe I need not to mention names here - kabalo namo kinsa mo..hehhehe..So LOVE YOU, guys. Tenkyu..Tenkyu..Tenkyu...

AND MOST OF ALL... ehem..

I also wanted to thank this person who became an instrument for me to appreciate life more. I met a friend who inspires me in ways he doesn’t know. A friend I never thought existed and a friend ship I never expected to have. Our friendship starts just when I needed someone to count on with and a time when I felt an extreme feeling of self restoration.  And God is so amazing! Cos He gave me someone who enthusiastically stays with me and makes me feel being cared again in spite of our distance.
We’re in the same shoes. Yes! That’s one thing I guess. But it doesn’t obstruct our friendship, instead it helps us to go on with life and forget what went before. How I wish I could let him feel how grateful I am having him and I wish I can do something for him in return.
Well, I never doubt of his amity towards me but whatever his intentions are, whether it is” pasakay” , “genuine friendliness ” or what, I am still thankful coz his existence in my life had somehow helps me to get through. I just prayed that this friendship would last a lifetime – That we won’t get tired to reach out on each other.

You know who you are – THANKS TO YOU! ^__^


  1. ----

    I'm so so happy for you sis. You know that I am always here to support you. I know that you've been through a lot and I'm so proud of you though grbi imung struggle jud.
    This is another chapter of your life and I'm so excited for you.hehe

    Update me always :)
    love yah sis

  2. waaaa..FRIENDS ra bya sis ha.. basin lahi naa sa imo mind.heheh.. I know sis, thank you for being there for me.. XO :D Love you! mwah!

  3. Hi Elj,

    I'm so happy for you. That's what we called God's perfect timing. He never fails. Wish you more happiness 'coz you deserve it. Thanks for sharing.


  4. hello jan..

    char kaau oi! pro yah, you're right. Thanks au jan ha for being there for me. luv u! mwah!


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