Tuesday, August 31, 2010


SEO Job Interview Questions


I am currently working in a BPO company in which Media Marketing, Link building, Web developing were among the area of expertise. As I go on exploring google, I’ve learned and discovered a lot of things, not to mention the STRATEGIES, TIPS and everything that goes around an SEO company. There’s one time, my supervisor assigned me in a new client that deals with SEOs and Web designing. I found a lot of things that would possibly help me throughout my chore.

This is one thing I found upon exploring GOOGLE and I wanna share it to you. THE MOST COMMON SEO INTERVIEW QUESTIONS - to keep some light to those who are getting ready for interviews in this field. My first advice is always be ready for the first question as it is the main step in the beginning of most interviews whether it is in SEO field or not. So here they are:

1. What is your strenght in terms of SEO?
2. How do you see the future of SEO?
3. What is “nofollow”?
4. What is a pagerank?
5. What are the most important initial SEO steps on a website?
6. Which methods would you use for link building?
7. How would you define SEO and SEM?
8. How would you monitor rankings?
9. Which verticals have you worked on before?
10. Which side of SEO would you like to be involved? Either link building, coding or whatever?
11. What if your client is not open to ideas to make changes on their website, what would you come up with?
12. Do you use any type of web analytics?
13. Do you know who Matt Cutts is?
14. Which Google products do you use?
15. Which SEO tools do you prefer?
16. How would you track the number of outlinks of a website?
17. Which blogs and websites do you follow daily to keep up-to-date and why?
18. What do you know about our company and can you define who we are?
19. What is your biggest mistake and biggest success in SEO?
20. What is your previous SEO history like? Can you give examples of rankings you’ve achieved.
21. How do you define your HTML hand-coding skills?
22. Why is a sitemap important and how would you make search engines find it quickly?
23. Do you know anything about robots.txt?
24. What is your opinion about paid links?
25. How is your copywriting skills? Can you give some examples?



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