Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I haven't heard anything from you anymore, I'm wondering why you doesn't call and if I'd ask to, you would just answered me with so many excuses. Where are those promises? Why did you left me alone with a heart full of sadness. I'd keep on waiting the whole day, checking emails, visiting FB,and trying to keep in touch with yet you seemed so far that i could not even reach you and hear your voice. You were the only dream i had that turned out to be my worst nightmare. Hearing your voice is enough for me...but you are so tightfisted of giving it to me. Why can't you?? I wanted to ask so many questions cause i really had lots in mind but you never give me chances.Wondering how are you doing right now and how are you going on..

I miss you but what should i do? 

How long will i keep on waiting? or would you really wanted me to wait?

Why can't you say  it right unto my face if its not? 

Is there anything to hope for?

Do i deserve this?

I am running out of enthusiasm anymore..
Sana naman minsan maisip mo ako..Hindi lang naman ikaw ang namomroblema.. 

I wanted to know everything that goes between us..

I would not mind if its going to hurt me.. all i need is the truth. 

Will you please once in a while call me..

If we could not make it up, if we could not saved at once..

 atleast i know..

i don't wanna wait in vain,

i dont wanna wake up each morning,

i dont wanna end a single day, 

with the same question...


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