Friday, July 23, 2010

June 19, 2010, The Sticky Media Solutions, held its 2nd Quarterly General Assembly at Grand Caprice Limketkai Center with the theme “Hats off to Sticky’s best”.
This affair is a bit tremendous in my end, because this is the first time I got awarded of my performances. Uh-huh...I was awarded and given a “Special Recognition in Media Buying” portrayed as “dedicated”, “One of the best performers in the team” and “Goes beyond Quota”.
I was really surprised!!! Having that award was beyond my imagination and I never thought that my little effort would be recognized. I wasn’t even sure if I deserve it and till now, I'm still thinking of something that’s worth it all. Well, maybe I did something right. Anywise, what I’ve got has inspired me greatly and thus, motivates me to work enthusiastically.
"You need to be in your Top Most Performance"


Me and my Manager Jeedo Aquino

In the pic - Ms Lia, Arlen Guttierez, Me, Ms Maia Poblete and My manager Mr, Jeedo Aquino

along with the TL and some of the team members
myself, arlen(also an awardee), kim(TL) and jeannie

My very own friends who were also awarded
Juliette Martinez and Bernie Maghuyop (Most Punctual Award)
Dinah Bee Menil and Joseph Requerme (Employees of the month)
Myself and Arlen Guttierez (Special Recognition for Best performance in Media Buying)

Thank You so much...
to my Sticky Media Family
to my Manager Mr. Jeedo Aquino
to my Supervisor Ms Ryla Lim
to Kim Cabatuan and the rest of my team
and most of all....

To GOD!!


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