Friday, July 23, 2010

A Day with the Sun...
Oh, it’s Sunday! Oh my! What a day !! Conflicts had cross behind my day! Gosh! I just miss our family gathering lang naman. I looked at the clock - it’s already 12 noon, well I had forty winks around 3 am, so that’s why!!And my head is turning round and round… still grounded of beers I had last night and with choice no more, I need to get up and prepare for my tryst. Anewaize, I need to meet Benna who’s waiting for me for almost 3 hours now at Missy Bonbon. (Sorry Benz :D) you’re too early naman kasi...hehehe…
And so… where are we going?? We supposed to visit Guadalupe shrine at Tablon – I felt the desires of crossing the 9 rivers, have trekking in going back and go for a dip to the cold water but unfortunately the weather conditions is not good enough and thus, along with benna and mafe, we ended up at Divine Mercy Shrine, El Salvador Misamis Oriental. so here it is.."sa dinami dami ng tinext ko, it ended up - the last 3 women standing on earth.
Mary at Guadalupe Spot with a flowing fountain at the back
I'd still can't figure out if we were really meditating :D
"Calvary – the crucifixion and death of Jesus"
Mafe standing at the feet of the cross
wait..wait.. Asa c mafe? Asa ka ana maf? dli lgi ka makita?hehehhe..peace..
it's Mary at the bottom of the red raise
"stairway to heaven" - a flight of steps to the 50 footer statue
nag yoga mi ni benna... hehhehe
when the sun slowly sleeps..
i indeed had a great DAY with the SUN - I am so thankful even though i missed our family gathering and i am not regretful spending my time in this place instead.
To Mafe and Benna, thank you gurls for your time and i really enjoyed the day being with you - having pictorials, kainan, and most of all... the never ending chikahan.


  1. hello, ling! i didn't know that you made a post of our trip to Divine Mercy. reading this one made me feel nostalgic. i hope we could do it again. i really had a great time with you and benna during this adventure. :)

  2. lagi ping bah.. mka miss kaau..We could do it again anytime bsts dli na bx atong beauty hehehhe.. i miss benna na pud, asa na kaha to xa..


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